Sponsors & funders

We are committed to ensuring that Barkerville is sustained as a premier heritage resource attraction and continues to be recognized across BC, Canada, and the rest of the world for its historical significance. Barkerville needs your support to make that happen.

The majority of our budget is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the historic site’s buildings and artifacts. In order to provide world-class programming, we rely on admissions during our main season as well as sponsorships from generous organizations such as yours.

Please contact us to learn more about sponsoring Barkerville’s living history programs.

This page is being continually updated.

Through the Adopt a Day campaign, organizations can sponsor a day at Barkerville Historic Town & Park with a $5,000 tax-deductible donation. This donation directly supports Barkerville’s programming and services, offering sponsors theatre tickets, recognition on social media and the website, and gratitude during their adopted day’s activities. Sponsors also receive visibility on the Donor Wall and an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. The funds raised help sustain Barkerville’s live interpreters, shows, tours, and visitor services during the 2024 season.



Osisko Development Corporation, Osisko Gold Royalties and executives Chris Lodder and Sean Roosen.

Thank you for funding the pre-production and seasonal salaries for our 2023 Theatre Royal show “Here’s to the Fools!”


In addition to sponsorships and donations, Barkerville is reliant on grant opportunities from various funding organizations.


$1 Million

Destination Development Fund

Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture & Sport

Thank you for providing the funding needed to upgrade and winterize our campgrounds. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2025.


Friends of Barkerville

Thank you for contributing to the Barnard’s Express Stagecoach contract.


Quesnel Community Foundation

Thank you for providing the wages needed for Barkerville to host live virtual programming for BC’s schools!


Northern Development Initiative Trust

Thank you for supporting Barkerville’s Indigenous Peoples’ Celebration and Mid-Autumn Moon Festival!