Barkerville Heritage Trust

Barkerville Historic Town & Park is a Province of BC owned Heritage Property & Park, and a Government of Canada National Historic Site. Barkerville is an authentic, unique world-class heritage experience.

The Trust’s role is to ensure the continued operation of Barkerville as a high quality heritage site. Their mission statement states that “…as the operating and managing partner working with The Government of BC, the owner and statutory guardian of provincial heritage resources, [the Trust] is committed to ensuring that Barkerville is efficiently managed, educational and entertaining to visit and is sustained as a premier heritage resource attraction in BC. Barkerville will continue to be recognized across BC, Canada and the rest of the world for its historical significance.

Board of Directors

Iona Campagnolo, Honorary Patron
Kirsten Clausen, Chair/Director
Walt Cobb, Director/Vice Chair
John Massier, Past Chair/Director
Rhonda Hunter, Director/Treasurer

Miriam Schilling, Director/Secretary
Kirk Gable, Director
Chris Hyde, Director
Chris Lodder, Director
Gary Champagne, Director

Grant Johannesen, Director
Les Waldie, Director
Jacqueline Holler, Director
Richard N. Liu, Director
Rob Rummel, Director

General Enquiries or 1-888-994-3332 ex. 0


Ed Coleman
Chief Executive Officer
1-888-994-3332, ext. 23

Dawn Leroy
General Manager & Deputy to the CEO
1-888-994-3332, ext. 24

Jillian Merrick
Preservation & Presentation Manager
1-888-994-3332, ext. 28

Carrie Chard
Operations & Protection Services Manager
1-888-994-3332, ext. 45

Mandy Kilsby
Curator Lead
1-888-994-3332, ext. 35

James Douglas 
Public Programming & Global Media Development Lead
1-888-994-3332, ext. 41

Caroline Sherrer
Commerce Lead
1-888-994-3332, ext. 48

Judy Mooring
Education & Tours Officer
1-888-994-3332, ext. 29

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