Rich in History
Video Series

Barkerville’s Rich in History video series brings the sights, sounds, and stories of Barkerville, the Cariboo Gold Rush, and British Columbia to a global audience of students, enthusiasts, and educators.  The series was produced and presented by Barkerville Historic Town & Park with support from the Province of British Columbia’s Rural Dividend Program. 


original peoples

connection to XATŠŪLL

what’s in a name?

celebrating indigenous culture

feeding the foreigners


chinatown tour

mid-autumn moon festival


the women of barkerville

Hurdy Gurdy Dancing Girls

The Women of Barkerville

gold and mining

A Hurdy’s Life

a tale from the gold rush trail

so you wanna find some gold?

mining technology

properties of gold

discovery day

daily life

pickwick club

gold rush cuisine

williams creek schoolhouse

conversations on confederation

Early Justice

St. saviour’s anglican church

the cariboo sentinel

relatively fashionable

wesleyan methodist church

Historic Town Tour

gold rush fashion

cemetery tour


barkerville drum song

classical ehru

classical violin

gold rush music

traditional fiddle

great fire of 1868

eyewitness accounts

fire in barkerville


 James Douglas – Project Manager, Producer, Director, Camera, Narration 

Jenn Lewis, Maple Syrup Sound – Sound Recordist, Supervising Sound Designer 

Darien Ross – Graphic Designer, Developer, Co-Producer 


Brendan Bailey – Richard Goldsworthy 

Shawna Berry – Bessie Hall 

Danette Boucher – Florence Wilson 

Dave Brown – Daniel Grimsby 

Stewart Cawood – Charles Hankin 

Cheryl Chapman – Herself 

Dr. Ying Ying Chen – Herself 

Chris Cooley – Robert Holloway 

James Douglas – John A. Cameron 

Kelsey Escott – Sophia Cameron 

Yu Ting Gao – Foo Ling 

Andrew Hamilton – Billy Barker 

Geran Koornhof – Chartres Brew 

Michelle Lieffertz – Isabella Hodgkinson 

Matthew Randolph – Judge Begbie 

Mike Retasket – Himself 

Julia Wheatley – Miss Wendle 

JP Winslow – Mr. Teach 

Ben Zhao – Himself 

Erica Stuchbery – Mary Raynard