Barkerville Historic Town & Park’s summer programming may have ended for the winter, but you can still experience your favourite gold rush town from the comfort of your own home.  Our live virtual programming is available is all winter long through the Zoom online videoconferencing program.


COST: $150.00 (plus GST) per session


How it Works

Step 1) Contact Stewart Cawood at or toll free at 250-994-3332 ext. 41 to arrange your booking.

Step 2) Once you have confirmed your booking, our staff will follow up with an email to provide a Zoom participation link and instructions.

Step 3) If your group is joining from one location, simply click the Zoom link to start the program on your A/V setup. If the members of your group are joining remotely, share the Zoom participation link with them and remind them to log on when their session is about to start. For best results, we recommend groups of 5-30 people at a time.

Step 4) If your group is all together, ensure you have a setup that includes speakers, a microphone and a camera so that we can interact with you you. If your group is joining from multiple locations, ensure that they have a good internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone.

Step 5) Enjoy the experience!


Barkerville: An Original People’s Perspective

Dahooja, Weyt-kp, Hadih! We invite your group to join Lucy Sellars and Síntse live from Barkerville to learn perspectives of the gold rush and beyond, and to share in the stories and cultural practices from the original peoples of the land. Groups can ask questions and participate in discussion of Canada’s path to Reconciliation.

Duration: 60 minutes.


Forged in Fire: Barkerville Edition

Mr. O’Connell hosts an interactive and entertaining introductory virtual workshop from the Cameron & Ames Blacksmith shop, demonstrating the artistry and importance of gold rush ironworkers.  

Duration: 45 minutes.


Meet the Press: the Cariboo Sentinel Newspaper

Join Barkerville’s newshound George Wallace live at the Cariboo Sentinel Newspaper office where he demonstrates the use of our vintage printing press and explains the significant role played by the media in the development and maintenance of gold rushes around the world.

Duration: 45 minutes.