Greetings from History



A campaign to write 2,000 letters to the lonely

For over 60 years, Barkerville Historic Town & Park has been connecting visitors with our shared history and common humanity, through live, interactive storytelling that is compassionate, personal, and compelling.

With the resurgence of COVID-19 risk in Canada, our in-person storytelling has been suspended, and the arts and culture sector is faced with layoffs and work suspensions through the holidays. At the same time, thousands of seniors and others living in isolation are faced with the prospect of a very lonely holiday season without human connection.

Our historians are ready to answer the call! They arm themselves with pen, paper, and a passion for connecting people and history. With financial support, our little team believes we can achieve the monumental task of writing 2,000 personalized full-page letters this winter. sharing stories from history, tales from the gold rush, love, support, and a little bit of human connection with those living in isolation.

Do you know someone who would would love to receive a greeting from history? Please nominate them! There is no charge, no rules on who can receive them, and no limit on how many people you can nominate. We send letters all over the world. Learn more about the project in our interview with CBC Radio.

We are also asking for financial support to help make this happen. A donation of $15 help us pay for postage, stationery and time we need learn about a deserving recipient and write them a single full-page letter, which takes about 30 minutes to write. By achieving our $30,000 fundraising goal, we will have the funds we need to dedicate 1,000 hours to outreach and letter writing, with the goal of finding and writing to 2,000 deserving letter recipients this winter.

Please help us keep humanity connected over the holidays. Support our efforts to raise the $30,000 we need to write 2,000 letters through our Greetings from History campaign.

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