Main Season

Let our colourful and knowledgeable historical interpreters guide you through Barkerville’s rich history through storytelling, activities, interactive lessons, theatrical performances, gold panning, stagecoach rides and more!

Town Tours2

Town Tours

Absorb an in-depth understanding of the gold rush history, Barkerville, and the colourful characters of years past by attending one of our entertaining town tours. Daily tours are hosted by Barkerville’s historical interpreters. Tours begin at the Visitors’ Reception Centre and last approximately 60 minutes.

Included with regular admission.


Waterwheel Show

Learn about deep shaft placer mining in this lively demonstration of 1870s technology that uses an authentic wooden Cornish Waterwheel. You’ll learn about the geological conditions that brought gold seekers to the Cariboo, as well as working conditions of an underground mining operation, in a comical and entertaining presentation that is fascinating for the whole family.

Theatre Royal3

Theatre Royal

The Cariboo Amateur Dramatic Association began putting on shows in Barkerville saloons in 1865. After the fire of 1868, however, Barkerville’s dramatists began presenting their theatre in a building they shared with the Williams Creek Fire Brigade. Today, this tradition continues. The Theatre Royal – still located in the home of the Fire Brigade – continues to offer exceptional shows that not only educates visitors about Barkerville’s past, but does so in a way that mirrors the theatre of the gold rush days in Barkerville.


Barnard's Express Stage Lines

Francis Jones Barnard’s B.X. Express freighting company shaped communication and travel to and from Barkerville and was the main cartage and passenger service on the Cariboo Waggon Road. Take a horse-drawn tour of Barkerville in an authentic stagecoach, or book a return trip to see Judge Begbie at the Richfield Courthouse! Barnard’s Express offers a variety of passenger and freight services throughout Williams Creek.

  • Stagecoach rides: $8.00 per person
    Richfield coach: $10.00 one way per person; $15.00 return per person
    *The Richfield coach will run during the Summer Season only.
    Children 5 and under are free (accompanied by an adult)


Williams Creek Schoolhouse

Experience school like it was when Barkerville was thriving. All are welcome to attend this authentic classroom session. Line up at the schoolhouse doors when you hear the school teacher ringing the bell. Don’t be late, and kindly remove your hats before entering.

Included with regular admission.

Wendle House2

Home Life

Come on in and watch Miss Wendle and others baking and cooking on an authentic wood stove. If you arrive at just the right time, you may get to have a taste. Watch household chores get done the way your great grandmother used to do them. You might even have a chance to lend a hand.

Included with regular admission.


Chinatown Tours & School Lessons

Enjoy a fascinating exploration of one of Canada’s oldest Chinatowns. Find out more about the life of Chinese miners and merchants in Barkerville, and how their culture was maintained and adapted to the rugged land of the Cariboo. To join in on the tour, meet in front of the Lung Duck Tong restaurant at the scheduled time. See the the Daily Schedule below for times.

Included with regular admission.



Cameron & Ames Blacksmiths

Experience a working 1870s Blacksmith Shop! Hear the anvil chorus and smell the sizzle of hot metal smoke. The blacksmith gives public presentations several times a day and is open from 10:00am to 4:00pm, seven days per week during the spring and fall seasons, and 10:00am to 5:30pm during the main summer season.

Hand-forged products are sold by the blacksmith on location.


Barkerville Cemetery

Meet Reverend Reynard or Mrs. Reynard at the Anglican Church and journey on a 1 km walking tour to Barkerville’s original cemetery; the final resting place of Barkerville’s famous (and not-so-famous) residents and one of the most interesting historic cemeteries in British Columbia. Many of the headboards have been recently restored, and the tour benefits from up-to-date research. Tours begin in the Summer Season and run five days per week, see the Daily Schedule below for times. 

Included with regular admission.

Court Sessions

Early Justice

Learn about early justice in the Colony of British Columbia. Let the notorious Judge Begbie and his assistants deliver anecdotes about Barkerville’s criminals and infamous characters. During our spring season, court sessions are held at the Methodist Church. During summer and fall, court is held at the beautifully restored Richfield Courthouse.

  • The Richfield Coach from Barnard’s Express also offers rides at $10.00 one way; $15.00 return per person or is a 1.6km (1 mile) easy, half-hour walk from Barkerville.  An early evening court session will continue to be held at the Methodist throughout the summer and fall seasons as well. See the Daily Schedule below for times.

    Included with regular admission.

Church Services2

Anglican Church Services

Work on the beautiful St. Saviour’s Anglican Church began in 1869, shortly after Reverend Reynard’s arrival in Barkerville. The incomplete building first opened its doors on September 18, 1870. The church is one of Barkerville’s most recognizable buildings, and is still made up of all original woodwork.

  • Services take place on most days at St. Saviour’s, and are performed by a student of the Anglican Church, playing the role of Reverend Reynard or his wife. Enjoy a moment of prayer like the miners used to do.

    Included with regular admission.

Gold Panning2

Gold Panning

Get a taste of the Barkerville Gold Rush. Take a step back in history and learn how to gold pan with the crusty old gold miners at the Eldorado Gold Panning and Gift Shop. Pan for a sample of gold to take home. At just $8.50 per lesson, this is one of the best (and quickest) returns on your “investment” in the new Cariboo Gold Rush!

  • Come into the gift shop and choose from a variety of items available for purchase; gold items, gold pans, jewellery, souvenirs, hats, jackets, t-shirts, books, old-fashioned candy and sweets, drinks, sundries, umbrella rentals, and much more.

Museums & Exhibits

Satellite Museums and Walk-in/Interpreted Exhibits are indicated on the map below. There are also numerous period room exhibits in other buildings throughout the site. Visitors receive a copy of this Town Map upon arrival in Barkerville.

PDF version here: Barkerville Town Map

2016 Barkerville Map

September 10-23 2018

*Please note: this is an example only. The daily schedule varies and the current daily schedule is given to you upon your arrival. Times and locations may change without prior notice. *Please note: this is an example only. The daily schedule varies and the current daily schedule is given to you upon your arrival. Times and locations may change without prior notice. 
*Please note: this is an example only. The daily schedule varies and the current daily schedule is given to you upon your arrival. Times and locations may change without prior notice.